Beonics Feed Supplements works to solve challenges facing agricultural industries through the application of evidence-based bioactive feed additives.

Our nutraceuticals are developed using cutting-edge biotechnological methodologies and demonstrate validated efficacy in real-world conditions.


VivoCare (V28481) is a registered non-nutritional phytogenic feed additive product developed by Beonics Feed Supplements for the indoor  and free-range poultry industry.

VivoCare makes use of active constituents identified during a decade of  research into microbiology and nutrigenetics. VivoCare leverages small  changes in metabolism that cumulatively result in measurable  improvements in production performance.

When VivoCare makes it into the GI tract, it suppresses the growth of  gram-negative bacteria, reducing infection opportunities and primes the adaptive immune system, reducing energy lost to inflammation.


Dr Ernst Thompson
Dr Ernst ThompsonCEO/ Co-Founder
• PhD, Rhodes (Nutrition physiology)
• Nutritionist with 12 years industry related funding and project co-ordination experience
Paul Collett
Paul CollettCFO/ Co-Founder
• MSc, Rhodes (Agriculture)
• Technical and animal husbandry knowledge with 10 years in financial management
Nick Allen
Nick AllenCOO
• BSc Eng, MBA (UCT)
• 20 years experience at developing and commercializing technology start-ups
Dr Karim Dhanani
Dr Karim DhananiCTO
• PhD, Rhodes (Biochemistry and Biotech)
• Cell biologist and signalling pathway specialist with 4 years pharmaceutical experience.


Dr Ernst Thompson

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